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Through community donations, we have been able to make accessible boards, gear, clothing, as well as greater needs such as housing, transportation and access to healthcare to those with less income security. We hope to continue supporting work to make skateboarding a more accessible, safe, and fun environment for everybody. We want to highlight the creativity and talent of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ & Two-Spirit young artists while paying them for their knowledge, time, and skill sets. Circular and connection-based education means valuing lived experiences and lived and embedded knowledge above all else, and sharing that knowledge should never go uncompensated. By supporting Takeover you are supporting the young local urban BIPOC economy! We have now held meetups for skateboarding, snowboarding, art, as well as community celebration events. By donating to TakeOver you are helping to ensure this is able to continue on in the foreseeable future. Our communities are so rich and beautiful, so deserving to be celebrated, often and genuinely, let's all uplift, create joy, build sustainable care, together. For all of our futures. 

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